Privacy Protector for Windows 10

Privacy Protector for Windows 10 1.6

It lets you tweak privacy-related functions of Windows 10
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Though mostly praised and appreciated for its numerous cool features and advantages, Windows 10 is also under constant heavy criticism because of its privacy issues. As a results of its privacy-related flaws, this third-party tool, the self-explanatory called Privacy Protector for Windows 10, has been developed.

Privacy Protector for Windows 10 lets you perform some tweaks to your Windows 10 system so that its user activity spying functions are completely blocked or at least greatly reduced. In other words, its privacy issues are largely solved. Privacy Protector for Windows 10 is capable of ultimately restricting the amount of information collected by the system through activity tracking and meant to be sent to Microsoft. This cool app lets you stop or remove over 37 tracking services including the Cortana background tracking service, the Customer Experience Improvement Program, the Windows Defender (though in my opinion disabling the Windows Defender might not be a wise idea), WiFi Sense, Bing search, telemetry and tracking modules in Microsoft Office 2016, and others more. It can even selectively roll back certain Windows Updates that enable tracking features.

Anyway, that's not all. Privacy Protector for Windows 10 can also handle Metro, embedded apps, letting you uninstalling the built-in ones that you thought to be non-removable pieces of bloatware.

In conclusion, Privacy Protector for Windows 10 is an interesting tool that comes with a reasonable price and might represent a great solution for those that want to enjoy using Windows 10 without having to worry about the infamous privacy issues of this operating system.

Margie Smeer
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